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  • INSTANT ENERGY + BETTER BODY HEALTH - XJus (pronounced X-juice) is a precise blend of 17 super ingredients that facilitate three main roles. 1) Immediately increase energy levels. 2) Build better body health. 3) Provide long term muscle support.
  • FEEL THE ENERGY BOOSTING COMPOSITE – An equal combination of 200 mg Beta-Alanine, 200 mg L-Arginine and 200 mg caffeine offer a smooth rise in energy levels. Wake up faster, feel better, and power through the day. Formulated to take every day. Can also be used as Pre workout.
  • FUELS MUSCLES, FUNCTION & STRENGTH - Essential vitamins and minerals provide protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, immunity, neurotransmitter, bone and cell growth, metabolism, and help convert carbs to energy. See “Product description” for more details.
  • YOUR GOAL IS OUR MISSION – Xjus provides the right amount of ingredients to support muscle strength and improve long term health while providing a boost of energy that triggers the mind to respond positively. Energy creates action, movement or exercise which can lead to a healthier lifestyle. Remember, stay active, eat well, and rest!
  • GUARANTEED – Xjus Premium + is made in FDA approved facilities in the USA. All ingredients are sourced from 100% natural, raw ingredients thoroughly tested for purity and quality under stringent quality control.

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