Heart disease is a major killer, accounting for nearly 33% of all deaths in the Western world today. One promising weapon in the fight against this deadly scourge is a simple, essential amino acid, L-Arginine. You can generally obtain this amino acid through your diet if you consumer adequate amounts of fish, poultry, red meat, and dairy. The biochemistry underlying its action is complicated. Among other things, after being converted into nitric oxide in the body, L-Arginine helps create essential proteins.

What Does L-Arginine Do?

Potential therapeutic uses of this amino acid include:

  • Improve heart and blood vessel health
  • Reduce erectile dysfunction and male infertility
  • Resolve some symptoms associated with kidney disease
  • Boost the immune system
  • Potentially work as an adjunct in cancer treatment
  • Improve insulin sensitivity and generate safe weight loss
  • Help with skin and wound healing

How Much L-Arginine Do You Need, and How Do You Get It?

Normally, the body makes sufficient L-Arginine, so there are no established recommended upper and lower limits. However, many people have supplemented with up to 1200 mg per day with no ill effects. The Xjus formula uses L-Arginine to boost blood flow, help eliminate sub-clinical deficiencies, and improve vitality and wellness.

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