Eurycoma Longifolia is a potent natural chemical that comes from a shrub-like tree native to Southeast Asia. Malaysian men traditionally create a tea from the root and bark of this plant to increase their sexual ability and virility. Due to its international popularity, Eurycoma longifolia has been harvested heavily, and the tree is now been classified as a protected species.

Uses of Eurycoma Longifolia

Some studies suggest that Eurycoma longifolia extract may in fact be useful at treating erectile dysfuntion (ED) in men. Anecdotal evidence also suggests it can increase athletic performance, eliminate or reduce unwanted fat, and treat an array of ailments, including high blood pressure, ulcers, fever, bone pain, migraines, and sexually transmitted diseases. More research is needed—ideally, from double-blind clinically controlled trials, to eliminate the chance that these positive effects are placebo-caused. However, at least one of the supplement’s benefits has been confirmed in a scientific trial. This trial found that Eurycoma longifolia increase sperm concentration in men suffering from infertility. There are have been “null” results in other trials, but consistent modest benefits have generally been observed. For instance, another trial showed that supplementing men with Eurycoma longifolia led to a significant increase in testosterone levels.

Eurycoma Longifolia: How Does It Work?

Researchers are still studying this fascinating plant, and we’re not sure, biochemically-speaking, exactly how it increases testosterone levels. Both animal tests and human trials both suggest that it does. In general, Eurycoma longifolia seems to be a benign supplement at standard doses, but researchers caution that women who are pregnant or breast-feeding should generally avoid consuming the supplement.

Increase Testosterone Naturally with Eurycoma Longifolia 

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