Testosterone therapy (TT) is a method of treating testosterone deficiency and low testosterone. This form of treatment is available to men between the ages of 40 and 64 that have been tested and clinically diagnosed with inadequate testosterone levels. The positive effects of the therapy process begins to manifest between three and six months after initial treatment.

For safety reasons, doctors run a series of tests before prescribing their patients any form of testosterone therapy. Several previous conditions or the use of certain medications, like corticosteroids, could impact how an individual’s body reacts to testosterone therapy. Making sure that each patient is medically cleared to receive treatment is essential in preventing accidents.

In addition, doctors run tests during the maintenance period of testosterone therapy. In many cases, it isn’t possible to know for sure how a method of treatment will impact a patient. This is why follow-up appointments are necessary during treatment.

Some of the tests and/or follow-up procedures that a physician might run during TT usage include:

  • Hemoglobin/hematocrit levels, to check for blood thickening and/or blood clots.
  • Heart-related tests to rule out heart and blood vessel disease.
  • Testosterone tests to make sure you still qualify with a testosterone count of just above 300 ng/dl during treatment. If treatment has not improved any of the patient’s symptoms even after reaching an adequate testosterone level, the physician will likely stop therapy and search for the true cause of their symptoms.
  • Health checks to make sure overweight and/or at-risk patients are maintaining their health.

Doctors also make sure that your need still remains during treatment. Different forms of TT come with different side effects. Some individuals find that they prefer certain forms of therapy that fits best with their needs. This also applies to those who have made significant health changes in their lives. Those that utilized testosterone therapy to combat low hormone levels caused by their health might discontinue use if they drastically change their lifestyle. This is most prevalent in non-elder cases in which low testosterone levels occur prematurely.

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